Thunderbird POP3 - New Setup

Please confirm you have internet access by opening your web browser on the device you wish to use for email. If you're accessing this documentation on that machine, you have already performed this step.

Open Thunderbird. Open Options and Account Settings from the menu shown.

Choose the option to Add Mail Account, as shown.

Enter your account data, then choose Continue.

Thunderbird will not have the CICI servers on file and won't guess what they are correctly. Choose Manual Config to enter the proper settings.

Enter all server information in the new boxes exactly as shown. Your display name, password, and email address will not be changed from the previous screen. Please enter your full email address for the two Username boxes. Select (Re-)Test to verify the settings. Click done when they are accepted.

Thunderbird POP3 - Existing Setup

If your install of Thunderbird has existing settings to access mail via POP3, you can adjust those settings to use the CICI service instead. To do this, first open Account Settings under Options on the menu.

Under your email address, go to server settings. Change the Server Name, Port, and Security Settings as shown. The User Name should be set to your email address. Adjust the options to leave messages on server as desired.

Select Outgoing Server. Select the existing mail server. Select Edit.

Adjust the outgoing mail server settings as shown. Change your username to your email address. Click OK, then click OK.